Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Family's Finances - Weekly Wrap-Up

Expenses – I did a big WalMart shopping trip this week. I spent $31 for portraits for my daughter’s 4th birthday and another $35 stocking up on things we need around the house and some food, all of which are much cheaper at WalMart than stores I usually shop at. My husband went to some yard sales! I wasn’t in the mood this week. He spent $10 (or so he says). I went to three supermarkets this week and spent about $50 (I think).

I spent $50 on gift cards for teachers and $5 for a potted flowering plant for my daughter who had her piano recital on Sunday. We went out to dinner afterwards and spent about $20 (with coupon!).

Deals – As we were leaving my daughter’s piano recital, another family invited us to go to dinner with them. Being I didn’t have any plans for dinner (it was a crazy, running around day, we said yes). We were lucky that when we got in the car out Entertainment Book had a coupon for this restaurant. It only saved us about $5, but it was something.

Income – I finally put some things up on eBay. I have bids on 3 items that will end next week.

Investments – I have $2,000 I need to invest before the end of June but I’m not sure it will happen. We go on our yearly beach vacation in June and we will have some unexpected expenses from my husband’s car accident. So I will probably get behind investing. As long as I get it all in by the deadline, I don’t really care. Also, we found out my husband will be getting a higher paycheck at the end of the year because he has contributed too much to his 401(k).

Giving – Other than throwing some money in a tin can outside the supermarket, I don’t think I did any giving this week.

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