Monday, August 1, 2011

Most Everything Is Sellable

Tip #292 - Most Everything is Sellable. Back in the days before the Internet, you might try to make money by putting up a sign at the local grocery store advertising your old lawnmower for sale. Or you might put a placard in your car announcing its sale. But you would never dream of selling your extra garage door remote or the brochure or manual that came with your brand new 1972 Chevrolet Nova. Maybe you'd put some stuff out in your next garage sale and earn a quarter or two off of your old things. But most likely you'd throw away your brochure when the car was junked. The garage door opener remote would probably be thrown in the back of the drawer in case you met someone who has the same garage door opener brand and model as you.

Well, those days of the pre-Internet are long behind us. And today most everything is sellable. Things that may have once been considered junk to you are thought of as prized possessions for someone across the country or halfway around the world.

So this tip is: do not throw anything away until you have checked whether it has value or not. Do not just assume that what you have is junk. An old pen from Pan-Am Airways? It might be worth a few bucks. Your son's set of chapter books that he is no longer into? Probably has some worth to someone. An old brochure from a 1950's range - chances are someone wants it. A keyless remote to your old car? Likely that someone wants it.

Of course not everything you have is sellable, but chances are there are more things that have worth than you realize. So before you throw things out, check online - eBay is probably your best bet - to see if items like yours are selling for any money. And if they do, put it up for sale and make money on your unwanted things. Happy selling!

In Real Life (IRL) - Again, I've been away for weeks. No excuses, I just haven't made blog writing a priority. And in the past week, I've been house hunting! We finally found out for sure that my husband's office is closing this fall. And I am realizing how much I need to get rid of in my house before we sell it. So much to do! Part of what I realized when going through our things is that a lot of these things that seem like junk may be useful to someone. We have an old 2001 Dodge Caravan brochure (from our car that kicked the bucket last month). While it has no use to us anymore, I am sure there is someone out there who owns a 2001 Dodge Caravan who would like to have the glossy brochure and specs from his car. My husband also has a bunch of other brochures from different times when he was car hunting. He just handed me a pile and asked me to see if there's any worth for them on eBay. And a cursory glance shows that some of these brochures do sell. Who would have thought? Certainly not me! I would have put them right in the recycling bin.

Unfortunately looking up and selling items takes a lot more time than throwing away! But if I think they will make enough money, then on to eBay our junk will go. What kinds of things do you have laying around that may be worth money that at first glance wouldn't seem like it?


Frugal Down Under said...

Decluttering and listing at the moment.

Some stuff I bought to sell and other stuff that is just lying around the home.

Trying to make some extra dollars as my cousin arrives from france and I want to take her out to dinner without cutting into my savings.

You need to google and also "Advance Search" "Completed Listings" on Ebay to see what you may get.

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