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Check Out Kids' Consignment Sales In Spring And Fall

Tip #76 - Check Out Kids' Consignment Sales Each Spring and Fall. Every spring and every fall in many areas across the USA, preschools, moms groups, churches, civic groups, and private organizations hold kids' consignment sales. These are not yard sales or rummage sales, and they are not consignment stores. They are seasonal sales put on by a group, usually associated with children. Here's how they work:

In advance of the sale, members of the group or from the general public bring children's clothing, toys, baby gear, outdoor play equipment, etc. to sell. The owner decides on the price she wants for the items; she tags them as such, and leaves them with the consignment sale staff to be sold.

Then on a given weekend, the consignment sale is held. It is usually held on a Saturday, but some are also held on Sundays or on Thursdays and Fridays. Some sales may be a week-long. Buyers from the area shop at the sale, buying items that are tagged from all different sellers. Usually items are 50% to 75% below the original retail cost. Real bargains can be found as some sellers tag their items far below retail value. The great benefit for the buyer is having all of these children's items in one location. A full season of clothing, toys, and gifts can be purchased from one or two consignment sales.

After the sale is over, the seller collects the money from the consignment sale staff for all of her items that sold. Usually, she splits the sale price with the group sponsoring the consignment sale - often a 50-50, 60-40, or 70-30 split. The group cleans up their sale location and they don't hold another sale until the following consignment sale season - usually in the fall and spring. The seller goes home happy because she made some money on thing her children don't use anymore. The buyer goes home happy because she bought things she needs for far below retail value. And the consignment sale sponsors are happy because they have made some money for their group.

If you have never been to a kids' consignment sale and are interested in either selling at one or shopping at one, there is a site called Kids Consignment Sales that has a general list of seasonal sales in different parts of the country. There is also The Bargain Watcher site. Click on your state and city in either site to find sales in your area. These sources are not comprehensive, but they are a good place to start. In the DC area where I live, there is a site called Our Kids that has a pretty accurate list of sales in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. I'm sure other cities have local lists, as well. Sometimes when you are attending consignment sales you can talk to other shoppers and find out what other sales are in the area or which ones are bigger, have better prices, have more items, etc.

As a seller, seasonal kids' consignment sales are a great place to make a few dollars on things you don't use anymore. You can usually price things higher than you would at a yard sale. While you have to split the proceeds that you make, you will often get many more targeted buyers so you should sell much more than you would at a yard sale. Also, you might be able to sell with a group whose cause you believe in or to help out a local preschool.

As a buyer, you will find that prices are often higher than at yard sales. But rather than spend every Saturday all summer long looking for bargains, you can find thousands of items under one roof. Typical items at kids' consignment sales include: strollers, clothing from infant to teen, outdoor toys, highchairs, bouncy seats, board games, dolls, sheets, sports equipment, shoes, books, videos and dvds, computer games, baby toys and items, maternity clothes, puzzles, etc. The prices are generally cheaper than at consignment stores. Also, you will often find a large price range for items since items are priced by various individuals. Furthermore, many of these sales will have a 1/2 price day the last day of the sale or a 1/2 price hour for the last hour of the sale. This is often a good time to snag some bargains on items that didn't sell.

If you have never been to a kids' consignment sale before and if you have children, I urge you to check out the sales in your area. You will find them to be a great place to make a little extra money or to save some money on items you need to buy.

In Real Life (IRL) - I love, love, love kids' consignment sales. Every winter I look forward to the spring time when I can start attending them again. They are already marked on my calendar. My husband knows that Saturday mornings in March and April are mine (as well as Saturdays in September and October). Sales in my area usually start at 8 or 9 AM. I try to get there very early to get the best things. And if I can't get there early I will often wait to go to the 1/2 price sale if there is one. While the large ones have a great selection. I find that the smaller ones often have better prices.

I have been attending these sales for about 5 years and in the past I have bought name brand dresses such as Gymboree and Little LuLu. I have bought American Girl doll clothing and accessories. I have bought vintage toys. I have bought Daisy and Brownie uniforms as well as the handbooks for my daughter. I have purchased a whole season's worth of clothing for each of my children. I have found a vintage Little Tikes Dollhouse filled with dolls and accessories. I've bought crib sheets and a changing pad, socks, jackets, and shoes. I've bought board games and toys. The list goes on and on.

During the fall sales, I usually buy things for the upcoming holiday season and my daughter's birthday. In the spring I look for outdoor play things and for my other daughter's birthday. In both seasons I also look for things to resell on eBay. Each sale has a wide variety of things that I rarely leave empty-handed. If you want to see a picture of one of the sales I've attended in the past, check out this website for Dani's Duds. They are one of the largest sales in the DC area. And while they now have an entrance fee to attend, most sales do not. But it will at least give you an idea of what types of things are sold and the scale of these sales (remembering that this sale is bigger than most). If you get a chance, check out a kids' consignment sale this spring. I think you'll enjoy it.

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