Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogs I Like

Since it's a holiday, I thought I'd do something different today and share some great frugal and financial blogs that I enjoy reading. First, though, a special thank-you and remembrance to those soldiers who lost their lives and those who are still serving to keep America the great country that she is.

Okay, back to the blogs. About 3 years ago, I did a Google search on yardsales and came across a forum that looked interesting. From there I met some people who had blogs about what they find and what they make out of what they find. After that I did a search on frugal moms or coupons or something similar. From that I found a blog I liked, and from that bog I found another blog I liked until now I read about a dozen blogs or forums regularly. Most of them revolve around yardsales, frugal living, and personal finance, with a few others thrown in for good measure. The one thing they all have in common is that all of these blogs are all much bigger than mine, and the writers have been doing it a lot longer, so none of them need my endorsement. However, I thought I’d share the blogs I read that that give me a well-rounded perspective on finance and frugal living.

Yardsale Queen - This is the site that started it all for me. I found it and fell in love. There is a forum there with wonderful people who like to shop at yardsales and thrift stores. Many are also resellers on eBay and other sites. Chris, the “Queen” from the forum also has a blog on this site.

Money Saving Mom – This is a great for finding out deals at drugstores and some supermarkets, as well as finding free and cheap items and goodies to send away for. The author, Crystal, also writes about frugal living.

Tammy’s Recipes – This site is run by a woman who seems to cook everything from scratch, in addition to baking bread, canning, making her own laundry detergent, and making her own deodorant. Her recipes are simple and basic.

Smitten Kitchen – This recipe site is a bit more sophisticated than Tammy’s recipes. Written by Deb in NYC, there are great recipes on here simulating the taste of things you’d buy in a restaurant or a shop in the city. She also take fantastic photos.

Get Rich Slowly – This was the first personal finance blog I found. It also has a forum attached to it. The author, J.D. climbed his way out of debt and now writes about personal finance subjects.

The Simple Dollar – This is very similar to Get Rich Slowly. The author, Trent, also climbed his way out of debt and writes about personal finance topics.

Frugal Dad – The name says it all. The author on this site writes about frugal living from a dad’s point of view as well as personal finance topics.

My Money Blog – This is another personal finance blog I like.

Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls – I met Heidi, the author of this blog on yardsalequeen. In addition to shopping at yardsales and thrift stores, she turns her finds into beautiful crafts and decorations.

Monkeybox – Shara, the author of this blog is also from yardsalequeen. Another person who turns her trash finds into treasures. From both of these blogs, you can find links to many other talented people who create beauty out of little things.

Like Merchant Ships – Meredith, the author of this site is a talented, frugal shopper who creates beauty out of little things, offers hospitality on a budget, and is a gracious hostess. There are great, frugal ideas on this site!

Scribbit – This site written by Michelle is a mom in Alaska. She writes about random topics from pop culture to life in the Last Frontier.

I know there are so many other wonderful blogs out there. These are the ones that have caught my eye and keep me reading on a regular basis. I have learned all sorts of things about cooking, living frugally, creating, investing, giving, shopping, selling and being. If you are not familiar with some of these blogs, check them out. You won’t be disappointed! Happy Memorial Day.


Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Wow! I'm honored to be on this list. I see a few of my favorites here, and a few which are new to me.

Thanks again for the links : )

Scribbit said...

Thank you so much for including me--that's very kind of you!