Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Family's Finances - Weekly Wrap-Up

Expenses - This was such a crazy week. We had guests in town, a Bat Mitzvah, Mother’s Day, a call from the school nurse, a baby who keeps climbing out of his crib, and a flood in our basement. And the requests for money are starting to come in for year-end events. We pretty much did two big grocery trips this past week – one at Costco ($35) and one at Whole Foods ($55). We paid $12 for a field trip for our daughter’s school and $2 for a wand for a year-end show. There was a Bingo Night at the school that my husband and girls went to. I think they spent about $15 or so, but came home with a couple of cakes they won at a raffle. Soon we’ll be paying recital fees, year-end gifts for teachers, bus drivers, and the remainder of our summer activity fees. I’m gearing up for this deluge. It seems like the beginning and end of the school-year are awfully expensive!

We gave a $136 gift for the Bat-Mitzvah that we went to, although we got off cheap for Mother’s Day, with me making a brunch at home of homemade waffles, maple syrup, fresh strawberry sauce, yogurt, homemade lemonade, and fresh fruit. All of it was part of our grocery budget. I paid $20 to a neighbor girl to help watch our kids while we were at the Bat Mitzvah. My mother in law was there, but I figured she could use the help. The flood in our basement was a result of a bad drain problem that we’ve had since we moved in here. We’re hoping we can resolve it without shelling out thousands of dollars in the near future, but we may not be able to.

Deals –I don’t think I did any bargain shopping this week – just stocked up on foods we eat and things we use on a regular basis.

Income – I sold three items on eBay this week for a total of $40. I plan to put up more after the Memorial Day Holiday.

Investments – I am finally starting to think about investing the $4,000 that I need to invest in education and retirement this quarter. I have until the end of June to do so. Hopefully, I will get moving on that soon. This blog is helping to keep me accountable!

Giving – I don’t think I gave anything this week other than the Mother’s Day Brunch for my mom, mother-in-law, and the family. I was on the receiving end of some very nice gifts of time from friends who helped watch my children while I cleaned up a very wet basement while my husband was at work. Friends are great! Have a wonderful week.

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